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Welcome to the Hop Protocol v2 documentation!

Hop Core Messenger

The Hop Core Messenger is a simple, trustless messaging protocol that can be used to build powerful cross-chain applications.

How it works

  • The Core Messenger uses a hub-and-spoke model
  • Messages are aggregated into bundles
  • The bundle is hashed and sent to the destination
  • Native bridges with Ethereum are used to pass the bundle hash
  • At the destination, messages in the bundle can be unpacked and executed
Because the native bridges can sometimes be slow, the Hop Core Messenger is best used for messages that require trustlessness and high-security but are not time sensitive (e.g. value settlement, dispute resolution, DAO governance, etc.).
Faster messaging models such as collateralized messaging and optimistic messaging (as seen in Hop V1) can be easily implemented on top of the Core Messenger for application-specific or generalized use cases.

Smart Contracts

JavaScript SDK

Bundle Relayer

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