Docker CloudWatch Logs

Setting up AWS CloudWatch logging driver for Docker

    image: hopprotocol/hop-node:mainnet
      - docker.env
    restart: unless-stopped
        - /home/ubuntu/.hop:/root/.hop
      driver: awslogs
        awslogs-region: us-east-1
        awslogs-group: HopNode
        awslogs-create-group: 'true'

The region and group name can be of your choice.

IAM CloudWatch Logs Policy Setup

These steps go over on how to setup an IAM policy for accessing specific CloudWatch logs. You do not need to do this if you're accessing the logs under the same account.

Create EC2 role

  1. Go to IAM service

  2. Click Roles on sidebar

  3. Click Create role button

  4. Steps

    1. Select AWS service as trusted entity

    2. Select EC2 as use case

    3. click on Next: Permissions

  5. Steps

    1. Filter for CloudWatchLogsFullAccess

    2. Select Service: CloudWatch Logs

  6. Click Next

  7. Click Next: Tags

  8. Click Next: Review

  9. Steps

    1. Role Name: HopNodeEC2Role

    2. Click Create role

Attach IAM role to ec2

  1. Go to EC2 service

  2. Click on instance

  3. Click on Actions dropdown

    1. Select Security

      1. Select Modify IAM role

    2. Select HopNodeEC2Role

    3. Click Save

Get log group ARN

  1. Go to CloudWatch service

  2. Under Logs section on left sidebar, click on Log groups

  3. Click on HopNode

  4. Copy ARN on top right

Create IAM user to view logs

  1. Go to IAM service

  2. Click on Users on sidebar

  3. Click on Add user

  4. Steps

    1. User name: alice

    2. Check AWS Management Console access

  5. Click on Next: Permissions

  6. Click on Create group

  7. Click on Create policy (this will open a new tab)

    1. Steps

      1. Service: CloudWatch Logs

      2. Actions

        1. Access level

          1. Expand List

            1. Check DescribeLogStreams

          2. Check Read

      3. Resources

        1. Select Specific

        2. Under log-group

          1. Add ARN

            1. Paste log group ARN retrieved from CloudWatch Log Group

      4. Click on Add additional permissions

        1. Service: CloudWatch Logs

          1. Expand List

            1. Check DescribeLogGroups

            2. Under log-group

              1. Add Any for log group

      5. Click on Next: Review

        1. Name: CloudWatchLogsAccessPolicy

        2. Click on Create policy

    2. You may close this tab

  8. Back on original tab

    1. Select Attach existing policies directly

      1. Click Refresh button

      2. Filter for CloudWatchLogsAccessPolicy and select

    2. Click Next: Tags

    3. Click Next: Review

    4. Right click and open in new tab Send email link

View CloudWatch logs

  1. Go to CloudWatch service

  2. Under Logs section on left sidebar, click on Log groups

  3. Click on HopRunner

  4. Click on latest Log stream

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