EC2 Setup

Set up a Hop Node on EC2

Node Creation

Create an EC2 instance to run your Hop Node

On the AWS website

  1. Sign into your AWS account

  2. In the "services" search bar, type "EC2" and click on the first result

  3. Click "Launch Instance"

  4. Select "Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type"

  5. Search for the instance type "m5.large" and select this instance

  6. In "Key pair (login)" specify the key you want to use for SSH

  7. In "Configure Storage", use 100GB and choose gp3.

  8. Click "Launch instance"

  9. Click "Launch Instances"

In the Terminal on your local machine

  1. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded your .pem file (for example, try cd ~/Downloads)

  2. Run the following commands to set up your Hop Node directory and server access.

i. Create .ssh directory if not existing already:

mkdir ~/.ssh

ii. Move .pem file to the ssh directory:

mv ~/Downloads/hop-node.pem ~/.ssh

iii: Change the permission of the .pem file for SSH:

chmod 400 ~/.ssh/hop-node.pem

On the AWS website

  1. Navigate to your EC2 instances (this should be the page you were on last)

  2. Select your instance and click the "Connect" button

  3. Choose "SSH client"

  4. Copy the last line labeled "Example"

In the Terminal on your local machine

  1. Paste the command you copied and run it

  2. When prompted, type "yes" and click enter

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