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Subgraph Data Introduction
Hop has a GraphQL API Endpoint hosted by The Graph called a subgraph for indexing and organizing data from the Sablier smart contracts.
This subgraph is can be used to query Hop data.
Subgraph information is serviced by a decentralized group of server operators called Indexers.

Ethereum Mainnet

  • Graphql Endpoint: https://gateway.thegraph.com/api/[api-key]/subgraphs/id/Cjv3tykF4wnd6m9TRmQV7weiLjizDnhyt6x2tTJB42Cy
  • Code Repo


Use these subgraphs for querying L2->L2 or L2->L1 transfers (query for transferSent entities)
  • hop-protocol/hop-polygon
  • hop-protocol/hop-xdai
  • hop-protocol/hop-arbitrum
  • hop-protocol/hop-optimism
Use this subgraph for L1->L2 transfers (query for transferSentToL2 entities)
  • hop-protocol/hop-mainnet
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