How to bridge with Hop

In this section, we'll explain how to bridge tokens from one network to another through Hop.

Step 1: Choose parameters

Choose the chain you want to send tokens from, the asset you want to transfer, the amount which you want to transfer and the destination chain.

Here is what it looks like:

  1. Send: choose the "send" tab in the header menu (it's the home page)

  2. Asset: pick a token in the asset dropdown

  3. From & To: choose the source chain and destination

  4. Size: enter the amount of tokens you want to send

Step 2: Approve Token

Next, if it's the first time you're sending this particular asset through Hop, you will need to grant a one-time approval. This grants Hop's smart contracts the authorization to move the tokens on your behalf.

Step 3: Send Token

And finally, once the approval tx is confirmed, you can hit the "send" button which will initiate the transfer. A modal will show the status of your transaction while it's in-flight. Once you see ticks on both Source and Destination chain your tokens will have arrived. The modal is only meant as a help you can safely close it at any time. Your transfer will proceed regardless.

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