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Hop Volume

See high level transfer volume across chains

Additional Hop Stats

  • Cumulative/Daily/Weekly/Monthly time ranges
  • Detailed Transfer Volume by source/destination chain and token
  • AMM fees for different pools
  • Integration partners
  • Unique wallets that have bridged
  • Top accounts by volume
  • Total transfers

Token Terminal

View key metrics on Token Terminal
  • Circulating market cap
  • Revenue (30d, annual)
  • Fully diluted market cap
  • Total value locked
  • P/F ratio (fully diluted)
  • Transfer volume (annualized)
  • P/S ratio (fully diluted)
  • Fees (30d)
  • Treasury
  • Fees (annualized)
  • Daily active users (30d average)
  • Code commits (30d sum)


View pool stats on DefiLlama
  • Total Value Locked by chain
  • Yields by pools


View token stats on CoinGecko
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