Manual Withdrawals

As a trustless bridge, Hop allows users to force exit their tokens in the rare event where Bonders (market makers) don’t bond a user’s transfer fast enough. This can happen because: 1) A Bonder fee was set too low (e.g if sent via a third-party app which miscalculates the Bonder fee) 2) Bonder is offline or misses on-chain events ( e.g because of RPC node issues) 3) Bonder is out of liquidity to bond Transfers or Transfer Roots. When this happens Hop offers users a fallback option to withdraw their tokens manually at the destination chain albeit not as fast as it would arrive in a normal transfer involving a fully functioning Bonder. In order to withdraw, the Transfer Root bundle containing the proof of your transaction must be propagated to the destination, and this could take a few hours or days depending on the asset and route, so withdrawing immediately after sending won't work. Step 1: Paste your transaction hash Go to the withdraw page UI and paste the transaction hash of your transfer on the origin chain into the TransferID field.

Step 2: Withdraw your transfer

Step 3: Swap your hTokens for native tokens

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